VIVTEL is a vibrant and innovative hotel brand revolutionizing the couples' travel experience. Embracing diversity, VIVTEL offers personalized, premium stays that go beyond the ordinary. Backed by the expertise of Koko Global Hospitality, VIVTEL is a beacon of modern hospitality, blending intimacy with luxury to create unforgettable memories for every guest.

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A Symphony of
Privacy and Luxury

Steps into a space where private moments turn into cherished memories. The identity of the ‘Our Space’ concept was designed in its entirety hotel. Rooms would be equipped with dining areas and minibars, inviting you to relish the joy of togetherness. The design of the lobby features the Wine Bar theme with a wide variety of fine wines and beverages and the public areas was designed with a semi-transparent curtain which is perfect to unwind in the romantic ambiance in a night of passion.

VIVTEL's exclusive features & amenities

Designed for Couples,
Celebrating Diversity

At VIVTEL every couple is special. We embrace the diversity of love, fostering an inclusive haven for all. Experience a stay where your unique love story is honored and celebrated.

VIVTEL's exclusive features & amenities

Your Special Moments,
Our Special Touch

Celebrate life's milestones with us. From birthdays to anniversaries, our special packages are crafted to make your occasions unforgettable.

VIVTEL's exclusive features & amenities

Features & Amenities

In-Room Alcohol Bar

and many more, fostering a romantic and private atmosphere.

Our Space concept

Enhanced by a semi-transparent curtain, our ambiance fosters romance, offering both privacy and an immersive experience in joyful surroundings.

An adorable welcome gift

Upon arrival, relish our warm welcome a complimentary couple's pajama set, matching slippers, or another carefully crafted gift, courtesy of our team.

In-Room Breakfast
& Lunch Set

Relax during your stay with our all-night in-room meal service. Choose from curated breakfast or lunch sets for a delightful and convenient dining experience at your own place.

Wine Bar

Experience our stylish lobby wine bar with a range of exquisite beverages under warm lights from the moment you arrive.

Memorable moments

Elevate special occasions with our curated room packages, including cakes, bouquets, balloons, and personalized decor for lasting memories.

New Standard of Check-In &
Out time

Check-in begins at 4 PM, and check-out is at 2 PM, providing our guests ample time to fully immerse themselves.

For investors

Market Potential

Inclusive Hospitality for Diverse Couples

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  • Targeting growing diverse couple market (including male-female and LGBTQ+).
  • Premium Lifestyle concept 'VIVTEL' by Koko Global Hospitality.
  • Focus on best services and welcoming environment for all couples.
  • Emphasis on relaxation and inclusivity.

Creative Concept

Tailored Experiences for Couples

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  • VIVTEL introduces a groundbreaking concept hotel focused on couples
  • Emphasis on the "Our Space" idea to cater to all lifestyle needs from the beginning
  • Meticulously designed rooms tailored to meet the unique requirements of each couple
  • "Wine Bar" featuring a curated selection of fine wines
  • Comprehensive services provided to enhance and create memorable moments during every relaxation period.

Brand Strength

Expertise-Driven Brand Distinction

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  • VIVTEL leverages Koko Global Hospitality's Japanese all-inclusive hotel management expertise
  • Emerges as a robust brand in the hospitality industry
  • Gains a reputation for reliability and excellence
  • Distinctive brand identity sets VIVTEL apart in the market.

Customer Loyalty

Rewarding Guest Loyalty Across 2,000 Hotels

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  • Launching the Koko Rewards loyalty program
  • Extensive coverage across 2,000+ hotels managed by Koko Global Hospitality
  • Offers a wide range of benefits to participating guests
  • Creates opportunities for hotel owners to attract and retain repeat customers
  • Instrumental in enhancing hotel owners' profits
  • Substantially reduces marketing expenses through the effective use of the loyalty program platform.

Financial Growth

Strategic Growth and ROI Enhancement

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  • VIVTEL establishes a distinct niche market position
  • Implements a Centralized and Property Operation Management model
  • Optimizes cost-effective hiring strategies
  • Enhances return on investment (ROI) for hotel owners
  • Focuses on hotels with 50 to 200 rooms
  • Opens up new avenues for business growth in this specific market segment.

Koko Global Hospitality Co., Ltd. , established in 2015, has rapidly grown to manage over 20 properties in Thailand. As a Japanese startup based in Bangkok, the company specializes in hotel management services for small to mid-sized hotels.

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